How do you teach the great English epic Paradise Lost? In this series, we will read through the work, have episodes dedicated to discussion of the work, and present resources to deepen your understanding of this great work.

Episode 1: An Introduction to Paradise Lost

This is an introduction to our next series that will take listeners through John Milton’s Paradise Lost. This series, which is part audiobook, part teaching, and part discussion, will invite you to take part in the great conversation around this great work. For further study, see Milton’s “Sonnet 19” and Lewis’s A Preface to Paradise Lost. 

What does authority have to do with leadership? As humans, we want leaders, but we often do not want authorities. As we learn to live in community in classical Christian schools, we often find ourselves in states of confusion over what authorities to trust and how to lead well. In this series, we hope to empower community leaders, parents, administrators, teachers, and students at classical Christian schools to steward authority well as they lead.

In our second series, we discuss the claim that classical Christian education is about formation. Such a goal is at odds with the modern, fragmented understanding of education aiming merely at conveying information. We hope that if this claim puzzles you, that you will follow our conversations to discover the fullness that comes when we see education as formation.

In our first short series, we discuss the concept of “aporia” at length – how this word inspired the podcast, how it appears in both scripture and ancient philosophy, and how we have experienced “aporia”. This is a great place to start if you are new to the podcast.

Aporia: The Podcast – Origins

Educators are working in a broken world with broken people. Often it seems impossible to piece together a life-giving educational experience out of the brokenness. Classical Christian educators talk about…