Your co-hosts and guides through the impasse:

Danielle is the creator of Aporia: The Podcast. She has been in classical Christian education since 2015. She has taught literature, rhetoric, debate, writing, and art history, and she has taught 7th through 12th grade students. Throughout her years of teaching, she has also completed her Master’s in Classical Education and is currently working on her Doctorate of Education in Curriculum and Instruction. Her husband, Justin, has also supported her through all her educational endeavors and has served as a sounding board for ideas and editor for the podcast.

Timothy is the co-host of Aporia: The Podcast. He is a skilled leader and administrator of classical Christian schools. His experience in school leadership includes service as principal, headmaster, head of school, superintendent, and most recently Vice President at the Association of Classical and Christian Schools. He holds a Doctorate of Education in Leadership Studies and enjoys strategic planning, systems thinking, leadership development, school finances, and board training. He married his wife, Kara, in 2000 and they have four children.