Classical Christian schools need great leaders. In this episode, we consider the marks of a great leader as one who builds trust, shows compassion, provides stability, and creates hope for those they lead. Character is paramount for the leader; leaders cultivate a sense of authority with their followers through the various types of power (which we discussed in the previous episode). Essentially, leaders must have humility to know themselves and strong relationships with those they lead.

We discuss the merits of understanding and leading with your strengths, while debunking the myth that only a certain type of person can lead. Part of leading is realizing your imperfections, so followers also must manage their expectations of leaders. Likewise, leaders must engage with their followers with a growth mindset, with authenticity, and with various situational approaches. Ultimately, we must remember the hope of knowing a God who gives wisdom to leaders who ask.

If you are interested in growing more in leadership, we recommend the following resources: Strengths Based Leadership, The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook, Schools that Learn.

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