In this episode, we discuss Plato’s dialogues “Euthyphro” and “Meno” to get a better picture of aporia. If you have not read these dialogues, do not fear: we give an overview of both dialogues and discuss some key passages. In these passages, we discuss the unpleasantness of experiencing aporia and Socrates as a gadfly. We consider Euthyphro’s poor response to experiencing aporia due to his reluctance to admit his ignorance, and Meno’s positive response to aporia by being willing to consider Socrates’s questions with humility. There is the danger that aporia will lead to apathy, but as Socrates exhorts, “I think that we will be better men, braver and less idle, if we believe that one must search for the things that we do not know.” Ultimately, we must remember that even though we may not have all of the answers, aporia should only spur us on to search for Truth.

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