Educators are working in a broken world with broken people. Often it seems impossible to piece together a life-giving educational experience out of the brokenness. Classical Christian educators talk about repairing the ruins, yet when administrators, teachers, students, and families experience the difficulty and brokenness in education, they need solutions that aim to fix the root of the issue. They do not need shallow quick-fixes.

Aporia is the Greek word for “impasse”. To experience aporia is similar to arriving at a dead-end road when the map promised another destination… and then losing the map. The problem with the philosophical experience of aporia is that when people don’t know the answer, they tend to camp out at the philosophical dead-end, thinking that ‘this must be right because that’s all I know.’

In Aporia: The Podcast we will discuss answers to the practical and philosophical questions of education by consulting the great ideas of the classical Christian tradition. Rather than offering temporary solutions based on contemporary practices, we will discuss a deep-rooted change in perspective that stems from ancient traditions. By listening to our conversations, we hope that the dead-ends will become life-giving and allow you to reorient your approach to education as an administrator, teacher, student, or family.

If you want to learn more about Aporia: The Podcast, tune into our first series, coming out in the Spring of 2022.

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